Happy Friday the Thirteenth! What a lucky day! Contrary to modern belief that Friday the 13th brings bad luck, it was originally seen as a particularly auspicious day. Somewhere along the line the church got ahold of it and put the fear of God into everyone by persuading that it is really bad luck. I think that was so they could have more control over their parishioners. Anyway, enough on that.

Last night’s mowing reaped lots of mulch. I took advantage of this and got the fall garden totally mulched. I had to wait until the seedlings were big enough to handle it. I found out the hard way that when they are tiny they need as much sun as possible to get going good and you just need to bit the bullet and water them daily. Once they sprout and get a couple true leaves them they can handle having some mulch near their stems. Before that, it can damage the stem irreparably.

In the afternoon, my husband needed to take his phone in to see what had happened to it. I tagged along because JoAnn Fabrics was having a buy 3 get 3 free on their notions sale. I realized that I only had one set of embroidery needles and only one kind of stabilizer so I went with him and stocked up while he got the grim news that his phone is on its way out. It seems the battery had swollen and cracked the screen. They no longer manufacture parts for the iPhone 5 and didn’t have any back stock so they didn’t have anything to offer him but a new phone at full price. That was a no go. He had looked on eBay and there are tons of used iPhones available for pennies, comparatively speaking.

We got home a little later than I thought we would so we delved into watching our favorite show. I downloaded my new embroidery patterns while I watched it. After it was over, I worked on the cross-stitch piece for about an hour.

At least I’m all set to try any design I want on any fabric now.

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