Home again. I really enjoyed the trip but sleeping in my own bed is always more restful. I have a wonderful bed and rest deeply almost every night. I’m ready to tackle the next steps in my life. When it comes to creativity I feel like I need to do a rework of my creative space. My studio has also been my office, and meditation space. I have so much stuff in there now that it is neither restful nor inspiring. I’m going to have to remove at least one of the functions of the room. Since I rarely use my big old iMac, I’m thinking of moving it to the spare room. This will necessitate a complete rework on how the room is set up. I feel like this is so necessary and I’m ready to attack it. I just need to get the blessing of my husband to at least try this out.

Right now I have my meditation corner-seat and a reading bench in front of the window. I want that to stay. Then I have my computer table (with computer, etc.). I’ll need to use the desk for now as one of my sewing areas. Eventually, I want to replace it with another table like my sewing table. Then, the sewing table with machines. It just isn’t big enough for me to do what I need to do. I have four machines now and it will only comfortably hold two. That means up and down for the other two. I have a cutting/craft table. It folds down but is rarely in that position because I use it so much. I also have four tall cabinets and two short cabinets. I would need to reconfigure these. Several of them are holding up some shelves. I need to assess whether I really need them or if I can do away with one of them. That’s a wait and see situation. I also have a printer, which would need to go with the computer.

I usually get some graph paper and make little representations of all the furnishings I need to keep in the room. Then, I move them around until I come up with a configuration that will accommodate all of them with the least amount of floor space consumed. This is going to be a challenging situation because half the cabinets hold office-related products and I would like them to hold more of my studio stuff. That may have to be done over time. I don’t want to give up my cabinets in the studio but I don’t have storage in the spare room (it is actually a wreck right now). All of this is going to take some thought and consideration and now is the time to get it working well for me.

I was more tired from the trip than I realized and ended up doing not a lot of anything for the rest of the day. In the evening I did manage to gather enough energy to work on my cross-stitch for about an hour. It looks like, if I can work on it every day until the end of the month, that I will have caught up and have a half pass completed, plus having completed last months half pass. That will be a nice step forward in completing the first fourth of the project by the end of the year.

Also, I worked a little on organizing my computer files. They have fallen into slight disarray. That is something I find pretty intolerable with a computer. If it goes too far then you can’t find anything. Tonight I got all my sewing patterns organized. I have downloaded a number of them from the internet but haven’t printed them out, yet. Now I know what I have and will probably be giving at least one of the patterns a trial run shortly as there is a cute dress pattern that would look very nice in some fabric I have.

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