Since I didn’t go in until late today I worked on organizing my office and studio. The first order of business was to get the computer up and running again so that I could pay bills. With time to spare, I turned to my studio. I got all but a couple of boxes of small items put back in place. The sewing machines seem to be in their permanent homes. Hopefully, I’ll take tomorrow morning and finished getting the room in order so that I can turn my attention to creating. Now that I don’t have paperwork to deal with in that room I’m hoping to keep it much more organized.

I want to start working on the fall embroidery projects I have planned. I bought some orange felt to embroider pumpkin faces on. I’ll combine those with the leaf outline patterns I bought to create a fun wreath. I’m hoping to have time to make a leave centerpiece for the dining table, too. It’s time to have some fun now that I don’t have to move machines around every time I want to do something specialized.

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