Started out the day with downloading my free weekly embroidery designs and organizing them into Notes. I have quite a nice collection of fall and Halloween designs now. I’ll start looking at Christmas ideas shortly.

It was a down day for me so I didn’t work out in the garden. I didn’t hardly even step outside the door. What I did do was finish organizing my creative space. Everything has a home now and the room looks incredibly huge. I’m all set to start back into creative projects tomorrow, as I didn’t finish up until pretty late into the evening.

I did take some time in the evening to get back to work on the cross-stitch project. I worked on it until I completed a leaf I had started. The leaves and flowers are very time consuming because you change colors frequently and have to keep close tabs on stitch placement. Of course I’ve already made several small mistakes and a couple big enough I had to remove stitches (including using the wrong color thread last night argh). However, nothing has been major enough that anyone would be able to tell, unless they wanted to take the pattern and match it stitch for stitch.

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