Today, we re-trellised out marionberries that had been run over by our neighbor. Amazingly it looks like all but one plant survived. They lost a lot of length in their canes but the remaining growth looks healthy and green. I don’t know if we’ll get much of a harvest next year because they produce on the growth from this year but at least they’re still alive. We also moved several “tipoff” plants into the trellis row as we had lost several plants this year for some unknown reason. It could be that they were just getting too old.

We came in just in time to fix lunch. It was pizza day! After lunch, we had our usual after pizza stupor and took a nice long nap (I’m luxuriating in the fact that I don’t have to go to work every day). In the afternoon I sewed the medallion with the ladybug on to the kombucha cover. Now I only have to sew on some elastic and it will be ready to use.

Then it was time for me to go to knitting group. I’m still working on the crocheted bag. I managed to get two full rows done tonight. Usually, I only get one so that was pretty satisfying.

When I arrived home we had our evening lassi and TV. It ran rather late so I ended up going to bed right afterward. I’ve not been sleeping very well recently and hoped that I would get a bit more shuteye.

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