I had to rush out to work in the garden this morning because we needed to take one of the cars in for repairs at 9:30 a.m. I noticed yesterday that the fall garden was getting eaten by pests and made a note to spray them today. Goodness! What pests can do in one day is alarming. Most of the greens are just skeleton leaves now. I handpicked all the critters I could find and got part of the garden sprayed before we needed to leave. This was due, in part, to the fact that the trombone sprayer was acting up and I had to wait for my husband to finish spraying the powdery mildew with buttermilk before I could use the sprayer for neem oil. I still need to get the netting over the garden to keep the pests from settling in again. It has been a very bad year for caterpillars that eat greens.

The rest of the morning and into the early afternoon was spent dealing with car and lawn mower issues. We had to replace the wheel bearing less than a year ago. One side had already been replaced a second time and then this weekend both bearing starting making a terrible racket. We opted to purchase a more expensive bearing in the hopes that this will be the last time they need replacement for a very long time.

On the way home I tried to pick up potting soil for my houseplants but they were out! Ack! Then we stopped in to get a filter for the lawnmower. It has been running terrible and my husband figured out that the filter is the culprit. So there’s another $11 down the drain. The mower uses filters like they are candy, argh.

I spent the late afternoon mowing the yard. I wanted to get it done because there is a chance of rain tomorrow. Actually, if I really wanted it to rain I shouldn’t have mowed the lawn, lol.

In the evening I had to find a replacement for my backup drive for my laptop. That took an inordinate amount of time but I finally got the order placed and it should be here Saturday. That will be a relief as I haven’t backed up for a couple weeks now! The drive would work the last time I tried to use it. It made a funny clicking noise and then I got the dreaded error message that the backup had failed.

After I got the drive ordered I did a little cross-stitching. I filled in all around the leaf I finished yesterday. That is so satisfying as it makes the area look compete (well it is, duh).

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