Pant, pant. That’s what I did after doing a marathon gardening session this morning. We had a large load of mulch from the last mowing and the possibility of rain today, slight, but still. So, we headed out to the north end marionberries and started cleaning out the straw (which we found out might have Roundup on it!!!) and replacing it with our very own organic grass clippings. In the process, we also did a major weeding and tied up any canes that were dragging on the ground. I knew I’d worked outside longer than usual but had no idea it was after 1:00 p.m. I came in about ten after one. That means I’d been outside over four hours. I was very grateful that the sun didn’t come out until about the last half an hour. Believe it or not, we only got about half the garden covered with all the mulch we had. It is a very long garden, about 75 feet.

Needless to say, I was pretty tired and took a cool shower and had a frozen treat to cool me off and help give me some energy. I didn’t eat any breakfast before I went out this morning. I know I need to but I was running late and just wanted to get outside while it was still relatively cool. If the fall temperatures don’t arrive pretty soon I’m going to scream! Nineties at the end of September is ridiculous. Usually, when this happens we have hot weather until mid-October or so and then it turns to Winter temps overnight. We end up skipping fall altogether. That makes me cranky. So it better turn cooler pretty darn soon!

I did a fairly long cross-stitch session in the evening. It is moving along nicely but more slowly than I had hoped. I’m missing too many days to keep up with the pace I really wanted. I guess I need to reassess how much time I actually have for stitching.

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