Only did harvesting and sprayed the North garden with Neem this morning as I had errands to run that would take up most of the day. We got a great harvest of beans, tomatoes, and peppers (both bell and paprika).

I am a bit aggravated by the amount of damage that is being done by critters. I had a beautiful fall garden started and the caterpillars came and destroyed almost the entire garden within a few days. I looked at it one day it was fine, the next I saw a small amount of damage but couldn’t get to them as I saw it at the end of my gardening time. By the third day, almost all the small plants were completely stripped of leaves. I don’t know if they will rebound. I sprayed with Neem in hopes of curbing their appetite and will get netting over the garden tomorrow. I ran out of time today.

The rest of the afternoon was spent running errands. Had some fun at the dollar store. Picked up some little things for decorating for Halloween and Fall.

In the evening we went to a friend’s house and played crochet. It was a lovely evening and a great boost to chat and laugh with people we enjoy being around. We’ve had a hard time getting together this year because our schedules just don’t mesh very well. I think we’ll try a little harder, though, as we both enjoyed it so much. We were sitting around their fire pit when we saw lightning in the distance and eventually it got close enough to hear thunder. We also were serenaded by some coyotes, which was eerily cool. I sure hope the thunder turns into some rain. We are in moderate drought conditions right now so we could sure use it.

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