Hurray! We had some rain last night. Puddles were standing on the road this morning. It was enough I won’t need to water today, which is good because I woke up feeling like a Mack truck had hit me. I ended up spending most of the morning resting and doing healing on myself trying to get back to a point where I felt functional. It took several hours before I felt like I could go out and cover the fall garden with netting. At least I got that one thing done. I’ll still have to watch closely for caterpillar damage because I didn’t get the netting up before it rained so all the neem I sprayed yesterday got washed away, sigh.

The afternoon and evening were spent at work. It is pretty slow right now and they increased my time to fulfill orders from 20 minutes to one hour! They found that the guests didn’t care if it was ready within 30 minutes. All they care about is that the order is ready when they show up. That has removed most of the stress for me and I no longer have to zoom around the store nearly creaming some of the guests to get the order ready within requirement. I think it will be a rare day that I don’t have 100% compliance. Last night I did even the biggest order with nearly 30 minutes to spare. I think having to have them done quickly will make it easy for me to meet goal time now.

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