Started the day with a red-letter (so to speak). We are finally, after seven or eight years, moving the marionberry plants that tipped off all around the back deck, to permanent homes. We only got one clump moved today before my husband had to go in to prepare for a client. I will finally be able to put in the outdoor sink I’ve wanted. It will be for cleaning our produce before it is brought in. 

Once inside, it was time to get the new back up disc for my laptop out, format it, and get a backup going. It has been more than 20 days since I did a backup, yikes!

Glass beverage container with towel draped over the top to keep kombucha from getting bugs in it but still get air circulation
Here’s the unsightly cover we had on the kombucha container.

I did it! I finished the kombucha container cover. I sure had a lot of problems with my machines completing this and it wasn’t hard sewing. I need to take the Janome in for a tune-up. It has been an inordinately long time since it has been in the shop. My old repairperson retired so I’m going to have to find a new one. That is an arduous task. The last time I used someone else they almost destroyed my serger. They had it so messed up it wouldn’t hardly sew a few inches before one of the threads would break. I took it back two or three times and each time it came back working even worse. I finally found out that my regular repair person was still in business and off it went. It cost me a bundle to undo all the damage the other repair place had done.

Kombucha container with new cover. It is red with a cream circle in the middle. On the circle is embroidered a ladybug.
I think this looks much better. The ladybug was the first embroidery I tried with my new to me Bernina.

However, my serger got tuned up just over a year ago, just before my repair person retired. I don’t know why it was sewing so poorly. It was missing stitches, which is something it has never done before. Unfortunately, I was sewing with a decorative thread so they really show. Luckily, it is just a kombucha cover so it’s not going to have much stress on it, nor does it need to win any awards.

I spent a good deal of time working on getting my embroidery threads in order so that I can see if I have the threads I need for various embroidery patterns. I was looking in particular for the threads to do the Winter Birds collection I recently bought. This meant that I needed to find a conversion chart for Isacord to Sulky (because that is what I have right now). I had to do major searching to find a chart. Of course, once I found it I downloaded it and bookmarked it so that I’ll always have it to refer to. I also found some great resources on all the Sulky products, as well as more information on the Isacord threads. I will definitely try the Isacord at some point but right now I want to work with what I can easily get ahold of. Joann Fabrics will have a lot of thread sales over the holidays and they carry Sulky. I’ll be able to get it at half off or better over the next couple of months.

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