We continued to move the marionberries this morning. Got three clumps moved to the south side trellis. I checked the north side and we have eleven plants to move over there. Ugh! It will be worth it when they start producing delicious berries and are no longer mixed in with other plants. They are so prickly that it makes harvesting anything around them very difficult. 

In the afternoon I dealt with much of the harvest. I had both bell and paprika peppers that needed to be dried. I got them cleaned, cut up, and into the dehydrator. I’ll be glad I spent the time this Winter but it wasn’t something I really wanted to do yesterday. I also dealt with some of the tomatoes. One had gone bad near the bottom of the tray I had them in, yuck! Nothing smells quite as terrible as rotten tomatoes.

In the evening I went to knitting group and worked on my crochet bag. I made some weird mistake but decided I didn’t want to fix it because I didn’t notice it until I was two rows away. It is just a bag and I’ll take a stitch with some yarn and hide it. I’ll make sure the seam goes down the back so that it’ll be less noticeable. I no longer look for perfection, I just try to do better than I did the last time I did something and this bag is way better than anything else I’ve ever crocheted.

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