Boy was it hot and humid this morning! I felt like I was swimming in a hot tub while I worked outside. The first thing I did was to get the peach tree that is growing at a 45˚ angle tensioned to another tree so that we can slowly straighten it up. Then I planted a brunnera. I moved over to another area to plant the oak leaf hydrangea and absolutely could not dig a hole! The soil was hard as a rock and dry as a bone! I was shocked. I had watered the area just a couple days ago. So, I went and got a watering can full of water and filled the hole, to soften the soil. Then when I finished watering the other half of the shade garden I moved the sprinkler to the side I was planting in. Hopefully, the soil will be diggable tomorrow. Since I couldn’t put in the hydrangea I moved over to the watered area and planted my Cody rhody (rhododendron). I’ve always wanted a showstopper rhody and this one caught my eye. Can’t wait for it to get big enough to bloom. Since it is a starter plant I’m sure it will be several years before I get to enjoy its show.

In the afternoon I scurried off to pick up some potting soil and containers for my ribbons. I know, weird combination. Unfortunately, the mill didn’t have the right potting soil. They had topsoil. The guy was very apologetic and said he’d call and see if he could get the right stuff for me by next week. Fortunately, I had more luck with something in which to store my ribbons. Now all my ribbons are in nice looking raffia woven boxes that fit the space perfectly. I’m so glad to have them all colorized. It makes it so much easier to see if I have something appropriate for any project I’m working on.

Because my Bernina can use both .exp and .art files I decided to do a trial. I picked a simple pattern and loaded the .art file, then sewed it. Next, I loaded the .exp file and did another run of it. I wanted to see if there were any big differences in the quality of the stitching. None were discernible. The only big difference was in what the screen on the machine showed me. The .art file showed the picture with the correct colors, the .exp made my jack o’lantern face looks like a clown face. One eye was red, the other green the nose was yellow, the mouth orange. The outlines were each in a different color, as well. So, when available it will behoove me to use the .art file as it will give me better information for thread choices. The very last thing I did before heading to bed was a test run of embroidery by a company I hadn’t tried yet. The file seems to be great, however, it seems that I didn’t have enough stabilizer behind the embroidery as it puckered up and the final edging did not meet the colored portion in those areas. Lots of learning still going on. Getting the right stabilizer in the right amounts is something I’m still studying. I think the design will work great if I have all my ducks in a row.

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