Victory! We spent the morning removing all the poison ivy from the shade garden. Now I’ll be able to clean out the weeds and start planting something pretty. It was hot, sweaty work and I was glad to come in and refresh with a shower and lassi.

I took the time to organize the embroidery patterns I downloaded at the beginning of the week. I realize I need to start stitching some things. I want to make a Halloween wreath, that I will then change slightly for Thanksgiving. I haven’t even started stitching the pieces for that. I need to do the Halloween pieces first, as I need to get my Halloween decorations out and up this week. That will be fun. I tried out one of the patterns last night and found it to be cumbersome. That is the problem, sometimes, with free things. They required you to change colors eight times for a pattern that only had two colors! Back and for, back and forth. Not my idea of fun. I will probably only use that pattern once or twice at most. Then it will go in the terrible file so that I don’t use it again.

I spent a little time reading up on embroidering on felt. I want to make the pieces for the wreath out of felt, except the leaves. I think I might use some of the lovely batik fabrics I have remnants of. That would add an element of color and shading that plain fabric won’t.

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