OMG! It’s so incredibly, deliciously cool today. I have to work this afternoon so had limited time in the greenhouse. I continued to clean up and move things out so that I can rearrange and get prepared for the colder weather (which is here today at least). Killed two very big black widow spiders. I need some way to repel those critters. I also found where all the slugs hide. We’ll have to address that issue before I put stuff back. One more morning and I think I’ll have everything out.

It looks like we’ll have to do a major overhaul on my husband’s subterranean trench. Part of it caved in. Large fissures have developed all along its border as the soil dried. The hardboard he covered it with rotted. The fan is still working great but its effect has been diminished to almost negligible.

Of course, in the afternoon I headed out to work until late in the evening. I made a score, though. They are changing their brand name and slowly clearancing the products with the old name. They had all their frozen strawberries and strawberry mixes on sale for half price. I bought them all. Our freezer is actually full to the brim at the moment. Well worth it because we each have a strawberry lassi morning and evening right now. The digestive woes that have been with me since my last trip to India (and I think it will be my last trip) over three years ago are finally starting to clear up. I know I could just take a probiotic pill but the lassis are much tastier, more filling, and healthy to boot.

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