I continued clearing out the greenhouse. We got the 55-gallon drum of water out. Of course, we got rid of the water first. Pulled out the garden tub I was going to make into a water feature, as well. Then I moved out the rest of the smaller stuff. Tomorrow will be a day off for me. On Tuesday we’ll need to fix the air circulation pump and then move all the stuff back in, organized this time. It got disorganized when I thought my husband was going to extend the air circulation around the entire greenhouse. I quickly pushed everything to one side so he could get to the other side. He’s since rethought the effectiveness of doing this. This left me with a jumbled mess of garden tools, pots, and other essentials needed for both the yard and the greenhouse. I look forward to having it as organized as my creative space is now.

A repeat of yesterday in terms of work. This time I didn’t need to shop afterward so got to come home earlier. Tomorrow is a rest day, yay!

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