I luxuriated in the coolness of the morning not getting around to doing much of anything until 10:00 a.m. It felt so good to just relax and enjoy letting my body wake up slowly. The heat of the summer is very draining for me. The first week of cooler weather I like to let my body regain some of its energy and today was a perfect day for doing that. I feel much more relaxed and rested.

I decided to work on my Halloween mini-wreath for my studio. I picked out two smaller embroidery patterns: one a jack o’lantern, the other just a pumpkin outline. I still feel a bit of fear and trepidation when I use the Bernina. It’s so new to me and I don’t want to hurt it.

Here’s my first machine embroidery creation. It hangs in my studio in a small space I created just for a seasonal touch to be added each month.

I did the jack o’lantern first. I chose to use a larger hoop than called for and duplicated the design two times. I also mirrored one of the images so that all the pumpkins weren’t looking the same way. After I had stitched that pattern and cut it out, I started on the pumpkin outline. When I opened it I found that it was quite small, too much smaller than the one I’d just finished. I check on the size of the one I’d finished and made the second one just about the same size by scaling it on the machine. It did a fantastic job of recalculating the stitches. I actually got comfortable enough that I was searching for another pattern on my laptop, while the machine was stitching away. I was looking for a pattern for something to make for my friend for Christmas (and found it). I had no problems with the machine at all. The stitching came out great.

I was so inspired by what I’d gotten done that I grabbed some ribbons and trims from my stash and put the whole thing together. It is hung up in my studio already between the two sections of threads I have hanging on the wall.

In the evening I found two more fantastic embroidery sites. One is Urban Threads. The other is Embroidery Library. They are sister sites. I like more of the patterns on the Embroidery Library site, but both are totally awesome. Check them out!

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