I was out in the garden fairly early today. I wanted to finish getting all the stuff back in the greenhouse. Last night’s low was in the upper 40s. That’s getting pretty cold for my tropicals. They can take a few days that cool but after that it will damage them. I finally got the last of the stuff back in the greenhouse at about three in the afternoon. I had worked almost non-stop from early morning. It was a monumental task but my greenhouse is now totally organized and almost ready for plants. I need to clean up the tub that’s going to be a water feature and get that in. That way I’ll know how much space and where I have room for my growing tropical family. Last year I only had two lemon trees, some avocados, and the mystery tree. This year we’ve added an orange tree, a couple of moorings, two ashwagandhas, and, I think four yellow hibiscuses. A couple of nights ago a new acquaintance brought us a gift of a turmeric plant. Of course, I still have most of my amaryllis so the greenhouse will be pretty full.

Tomorrow I need to get some potting soil and some Safer Insecticidal Soap. That way I can clean off the pests before I bring them in and get them repotted as soon as possible. I think almost every plant needs a bigger home. They liked being out in the yard this summer.

After lunch, fixed for me by my hubby, I took a short nap to recharge my batteries. Then, in the evening I did household chores and then settled in to work on my crocheted bag. I decided to rip back to an error I made several rows earlier. I didn’t really want to do it, but the error was slowly compounding and would have really been obvious once the bag was finished. Once I got everything fixed I finished a row. It looks much better now and all the stitches are in the right place. When you are doing colorwork. It is important that things match up properly, or in the end, it will just be a mess.

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