Brrrr! An even chillier start to the day. It was down to 44˚F this morning. I need to get the greenhouse completely finish and the plants debugged asap! I got the greenhouse completely loaded and ready for the plants to be moved in. That felt really good. The neighbors across the street had a complete remodel done on their home and they had a pretty oval tub sitting in their yard that they said we could have. Now I have a much nicer water feature. I just need to get a stopper for it. That will help regulate the temperature in there during the winter and next spring I’ll get some plants for it (maybe even this fall).

In the afternoon we found a place that had Daddy Pete’s Potting Soil (actually a friend told us they had it as he shops there all the time) so we went and picked up two big bags. I hope that’s enough for all the plants. It gave us a good excuse to visit them, as the store is very near their house.

We spent the evening with them playing crochet and enjoying popcorn and a roaring fire in their pit. They are such enjoyable people to be around. I’m really glad we bumped into them on a hike one day.

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