We started out the day taking both cars in for oil changes and then running several errands. Once home we fixed some lunch and thoroughly cleaned the house.

After all the necessary household stuff was taken care of I sat down and embroidered some more additions for my wreath. This time it was ghosts. They came out very cute, however, I learned that if something has writing on it and you mirror image it the writing comes out backward. That is really a “duh” thing but I just didn’t stop to think about it. Trick or Treat printed backwards really looks strange. Luckily it is just for us so I don’t really care. I skipped that layer second ghost from that pattern. No sense wasting thread. I’m going to see if I can write it with one of the decorative stitch alphabets. It won’t look quite the same but it will at least be written left to right, lol.

In the evening I did my Monday download and organization of free embroidery designs. I’m moving away from Halloween/Fall designs and starting on Christmas/Winter designs. I did download one more ghost but don’t have any felt left to embroider it on, drat.

Went to bed very late. When I get into doing creative stuff I just don’t seem to get tired.

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