OMG! It got down to 39˚F last night. I didn’t have my plants in the greenhouse yet! It wasn’t supposed to get into the 40’s until Thursday the last time I checked the weather. Drat! Drat! Drat! I was very fortunate that only the moringa and the hibiscus looked pretty sad.

I spent until 2 PM cleaning them, spraying them with insecticidal soap (IS) if they had pests, and getting them in the greenhouse. I’m so glad they are all in there now. The two with heavy pest infestation are away from the other plants until I see that they are well again. Sadly, one of them is one of the lemon trees. It had scale all over the older growth. Cleaned it off with a very soft toothbrush and sprayed it down with IS. I didn’t try to repot everything that needs it. That will come in the next week or so. I need to do the houseplants first because they are really desperate for new homes. Then I can take my time and get all the larger greenhouse plants redone. Many of them are large enough for some of the pretty decorative pots I have used as entry planters in the past.

Whenever I work outside for an extended period of time and don’t take rests or eat a decent breakfast I find that I am exhausted when I come in and I end up taking a long nap, which sort of destroys getting much of anything else done that day. Today was a repeat of that. I wanted to take just a 30-minute nap but ignored my alarm and slept at least an hour.

The knitting group met in the evening. There were just two of us there so it was pretty quiet. I managed to get a little more than two rows finished on my crocheted bag. I’m almost at the end of one of the colors. That’s pretty exciting for me. It means I’m getting close to having a finished bag.

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