First possible frost tonight, so I had to prepare for the possibility. This meant harvesting everything that was far enough along to pick, moving the last few plants into the greenhouse, and covering the north garden to protect the fall crops. I also started cleaning out the second half of the shade garden. It is going to be fairly quick work now that we got rid of the poison ivy. I got it cleared out enough to finish planting the potted plants I have on the deck. That means another flat off the deck, yay!

Grapevine wreath with ghosts, jack o'lanterns, fall leaves, ribbon, and ghost lights decorating it
This was so much fun to make. It is a cheery addition to our Halloween decor.

I glued down all the decorations on my wreath and added the little ghost lights. It looks adorable. I hung it in the family room so that we can enjoy it each evening. I sent pictures to my sisters and both of them said that buying the Bernina seems to be a great investment for me. I thought it was weird that they both said almost exactly the same thing. Anyway, I agree with them.

In the evening I worked on embroidering my first t-shirt, a Halloween design. It was a bit of an ordeal. I thought I could use the free-arm device for all the hoops on my machine but found out it will only work with the small hoop. Drat! So, I had to figure out how to pool the fabric around the hoop. Got that working and off I went. Everything was going great until my husband came home and I left the room to talk to him. I went back and lo and behold I had run out of bobbin thread (thank goodness it was a gardening t-shirt). So, I ended up with one ghost looking a little transparent in its midriff. Got that fixed and went back out to talk more and something sounded off. I raced into the room and found that somehow my sleeve had gotten into the embroidery area. Luckily it had only taken a couple stitches and I was able to remove it. However, my ghost now looks a little like a ghoul with some rags wrapped around it, lol. I learned a lesson. Don’t walk away from embroidery when there is anything that could go wrong, which is always! I did get it done and it is going to look great when I get the real t-shirt bought (hopefully tomorrow).

T-shirt with ghost embroidered on it
It didn’t turn out perfect but I can tell it I’ll like it when I get a new t-shirt to embroider it on. Little ghoulish ghost on the left…

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