I spent the entire morning picking out embroidery designs to buy. I had a buy $10 and get $5 off coupon and had to be sure I was getting the best design possible, lol. I got free-flying monarch design. My first in the hoop free-standing design. I also got a clock design. I need a clock in my studio and when I saw the clock face I decided that would be the perfect thing. The first was $5.99 so the second one was free. I also bought a number of their designs that were on sale for $1.39. On another site I bought five $1.00 sale designs. I’m building up a nice library of designs. Still focusing on holidays but also some that I can use in my business.

Also, I decided to change my sadaajit.com site to a site to showcase my creations for prospective customers to peruse. Of course I’ve got to get much better at photographing my work because my lighting skills leave a lot to be desired. I know a lot of it is just getting the right equipment so I’ll research that and ask for it for Christmas. Then I’ll be ready to rework the site come January. I’ll be able to do both sites at once.

In the afternoon we were going to get a load of wood chips for our trees but when I went out to the car it was totally dead. The battery was totally drained. We hooked up the battery charger and found out that the back lights were on, even though they were turned off! After some sleuthing my husband found the taillight switch by the brake pedal. A tiny little piece of plastic that pushes the button in to turn off the lights had broken and had to be replaced. 

Unfortunately the part that was at the nearby parts store was the wrong one. This meant we had to drive all the way across town to the dealer in rush hour traffic. It was horrible! I purposely avoid driving at those hours and today I got reenforcement as to why. it was bumper to bumper in several places and people were driving crazy. I was so glad when we made it home and could put all the mayhem behind us.

Had to be at work at 8 AM in the morning so headed to bed early. I’ve been burning the midnight candle and couldn’t do that and get up at the ungodly hour or 5:30 AM in order to be to work on time.

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