Boy, was I tired when I woke up this morning. I also felt a little under the weather, like I was trying to come down with something. I managed to pick out and download my free embroidery patterns. Then I mustered the strength to go out to the greenhouse and water anything that needed it. Also, I cleaned up my potting bench so that I can start working on the houseplants. They desperately need new homes.

I was just about to settle in for a nice crafting afternoon when my husband reminded me that we planned to go get the wood chips today, since we couldn’t last week due to the car problem. I whined like a little kid because I didn’t feel that great. However, after we looked at the weather for the upcoming week I realized that it was the best day to make a run and off we went.

The trip wasn’t really all that bad. My husband did all the driving because we had the trailer on the car. I have only driven with a trailer a couple of times, so generally leave it to him. The chips were not as soggy wet as I thought they were going to be and the whole thing only took us about 2 hours. I think next time we’ll rent a sturdier trailer and get a really big load. It is quite a drive to the location and would be worth the expense to make fewer trips.

By the time we got home, it was time for the news and weather and then we had a special we wanted to watch on Handel. If you like classical music even a little bit or are curious about it, these shows are fantastic. They are called “Now Hear This.” So far they’ve done Bach, Scarlatti, Vivaldi, Handel. Lots of great insights into the composers and some fantastic performances by well-known performers.

While we watched another favorite program, I worked intently on the cross-stitch project. I managed to get an entire floral section completed, except five stitches because I ran out of floss.

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