Started the day finishing up looking at the Christmas patterns on one site. Then I loaded some of the files for my Fall/Thanksgiving wreath onto a stick and made a set of leaves on yellow felt. I still need to make another set of leaves in orange and other fall-ish designs. I have a pumpkin, scarecrow, ears of corn, cornucopia, etc., I would like to include in the wreath. I’m pretty sure by next year I’ll think these wreaths look amateurish but to me they are amazing. Such nice detail, so clean and well defined.

After lunch, the horticultural extension agent for this area came by to tell us what to do about our blueberries and some trees. He has to get back to us with final information on everything but the blueberries. At least we got it in process.

He also brought us boxes for soil samples. Since he was here so late and there is a frost warning for tonight we put off working on the greenhouse. I don’t want to leave it without its extra plastic on a cold night. We’ll just have to hustle tomorrow and get the entire thing done in one day, ugh. Instead, we put the boxes to good use and cored all our samples. I even found a box to ship them in. We’ll have to put some packing material in the box and label so we can ship it tomorrow. We’re getting very close to the cutoff date for free testing.

When we came in I finalized my orders for this week. I ended up buying my first monogram this week. I’ve had a conversation with someone who does embroidery work for pay and she says she gets a lot of requests for monograms and names so I’m on the lookout for monograms and alphabets that I like. They are pricey, though. It is because you are getting at least 26 files (some have punctuation, frames, and embellishments included).

I had to test out a free monogram program I got before I made my final selection. Unfortunately, it did not do a very neat job of satin stitching. The placement wasn’t neat enough making the edges look a little fuzzy. That helped me determine which monogram I was going to buy first.

I worked on my crochet bag in the evening. I only have seven more rows to go and the handles and I’ll be finished. Needless to say, I’m in the hurry up and finish it mode. Then I have to decide how I’m going to use it. That way I’ll know if I have to line it. It looks like I’ll have another finish for October.

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