Today started with a BIG project. We needed to remove and clean the winter layers of plastic from the greenhouse. We wanted to have two days to do it but our schedule got filled up and we just had the one day. Tiring, tiring work. We have an extra four layers of plastic we put over the greenhouse as “insulation” against the cold. Last Winter it worked very well. The only problem was we originally had to put the plastic up when it was nearly dark and the wind was almost at gale force. Needless to say, it didn’t get put up all that well and it didn’t get cleaned at all. The light in the greenhouse has suffered because of the layers of fine dirt on the plastic. So today was the day to take it down and get rid of it. What makes it challenging is that the four layers are actually just one piece of plastic. So, we were having to wrestle around a piece that is four times the size of the greenhouse, which is 12’x18’. Not an easy thing to accomplish even on a glorious, warm fall day with little to no wind. I started work on it around 10 AM Sarvasri joined me about eleven. We finished it up just before dark at 6:30 PM. It looks much better. The plastic is no longer grey looking. It has a clear to milky white appearance. I think it is going to be much better for the plants, especially when it is time to start seeds for next years garden.

We were bone tired when we came in and settled in for a relaxing evening. Too tired to do much of anything but watch a bit of TV and go to bed.

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