I was still feeling a little under the weather today, better but still not 100%. It is drizzly outside today so I decided to forego trying to do anything outside.

I decided to reread the instructions for the crochet bag and see if I couldn’t figure out what they meant. I was pleasantly surprised when I realized I misread them the first time and upon reading them again I understand perfectly what to do. I sat down and finished the bag portion. Then I started work on the handles. I didn’t have enough of one of the colors they called for so I am substituting one of the other colors for half of the original color. It is strange. I ended up with one whole skein of one color left over and almost a full skein of two other colors but this one color they miss-figured or I used a lot more yarn than they did in making the bag. Anyway, alls well. The handles will get finished with a little more color in them.

It is pretty tedious work cutting yarn to length in order to braid it into a handle. I wouldn’t have been so time-consuming except it is a long length. That makes it a little hard to handle because it is more than one arm’s length. I ended up getting all the lengths cut but did not braid them. I’ll do them tomorrow and finish up the bag.

Late in the evening, I started organizing all the embroidery designs I downloaded recently. I downloaded a lot of trial alphabets but it has been so long since I downloaded the trial I don’t remember what site I got them from, argh! I’ll have to search around and find which it was so I can note it in the files I have for them. That way, if I find something I like, when I stitch them out, I can go purchase it.

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