I don’t often write about health-related topics even though I’m married to a man who is an alternative health practitioner. He helps people overcome illness and disease through natural means – no drugs, surgery, or radiation.

However, what I’m going to write about today is related to one’s art or craft. If you don’t have your mojo your creativity will suffer. A little over three years ago, I took a trip to India with devastating health consequences. I ended up in the hospital while there, which I would never suggest to anyone if it is something truly life-threatening. I had severe dehydration from diarrhea and a respiratory infection that was rattling my bones every time I coughed, which was almost continuously. I endured this illness for almost all of the 30 days we were there. I wanted to come home early but to change my ticket would have cost more than both our original tickets combined.

Person lying in bed in a darkened room
When you have dis-ease your mojo suffers as well.

When I finally arrived home I was so depleted I could hardly walk to the mailbox and back, which is about 40 feet. The other major issue was that my diarrhea never cleared up completely. After several months my lungs were in better shape. Sadly, even today I don’t have the breathing stamina I once had. Until recently I had continuous abdominal discomfort and most days diarrhea. I don’t have medical coverage so going to the doctor was not a possibility as I could maintain a relatively normal life (or at least I thought it was). I tried all kinds of suggestions from my husband. Some worked a little but I could never get totally over the issue.

My husband has been studying, for the past two to three years, soil nutrition. He started doing this when he found that about 90% of all foods we were eating (produce, even organic) had little to no nutrition in them. We have so devastated our soils with the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers that there is no soil life. If there is no soil life the plants can’t take up the nutrition. He also read that if you put enough good stuff into the soil (bacteria and their food) that the soil will, almost magically, come back to life again.

Somewhere along the line, this sunk in to me that if the soil doesn’t have the right biological life in it the plants suffer, then that is probably what is going on with me. I intuited that I needed to start drinking a lassi (an Indian yogurt drink) twice a day, first thing in the morning and last food in the evening. After just a couple of days, I could see a marked improvement in my digestion and elimination. My theory was that if I inundated my system with good bacteria it would eventually win out over whatever was keeping my system suppressed. It seems to be working.

What was surprising to me was how much my seemingly slight inconvenience was zapping my energy and creativity. Since starting this regimen, I’ve gone from almost daily one to two-hour naps down to once or twice a week, one hour or less. I’m staying up until very late in the evening, sometimes even into the wee hours of the morning and getting up feeling refreshed at nearly my normal time.

Person pinning together a hot pink garment
When you heal the underlying cause of dis-ease your mojo skyrockets.

My productivity has skyrocketed, as well. Last month I completed four projects. In the past year even getting one or two done in a month has been a struggle. Sometimes I’ve had to find some very small project that needed almost nothing done to finish it to keep things going. Now, I have to admit that some of this increased production is because of the embroidery machine. Three of the four projects this month used it. However, some of the projects I finished are ideas I’ve had in the past but never created because I just didn’t have the energy or creativity to see them through. The only thing that was a totally new idea was the t-shirt and that’s because hand embroidering a t-shirt for Halloween just ain’t gonna happen folks!

If you have a physical, emotional, or mental problem that you feel you are dealing well with, it might behoove you to take another look at ways to heal it (not just manage it). You might be surprised at how much energy your dis-ease is sapping from you. I know I was shocked because I have been gardening and working hard all summer. The difference is I come in to take a shower and then I’m ready for whatever the day has in stall for me, instead of wanting to go back to bed. Anyway, I would like to suggest you take a look at natural methods of healing, if possible. They can take a little longer to work but usually don’t have many, if any, side affects. Also, they heal the problem from its systemic origin, rather than masking the symptoms so you can cope. Of course I’m not a doctor so this is just a suggestion, not a prescription.

Person in bed photo by Jordan Bauer on Unsplash
Sewing photo photo by Kris Atomic on Unsplash

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