Hope your Halloween was spookily spectacular!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! It was rainy and stormy today so it was an inside day for sure. The first order of the day was to finish up the crochet bag, which I did. That means I had four completions for the month of October, yay! I’m not in a competition for completions. It’s just that I’ve felt energetically compromised this past year and now I’m finally starting to feel more the self I remember myself being, before I got seriously ill several years ago.

That being said, I was still under the weather from the throat virus so kept my activity level low-key. I did manage to finish organizing all of the embroidery patterns I had downloaded recently, including the 92 I bought at the 90% off sale.

By evening I was starting to feel much better and think I’ll be back to normal by the morning. Good thing as our first real frost is forecast for tomorrow night and I need to prepare the winter garden and harvest everything I possibly can before everything gets “toasted” tonight.

Photo by Felipe Vieira on Unsplash

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