Started out the day working on my Autumn wreath pieces. I had made six yellow felt leaves so today I made six orange leaves. I should be all set for leaves. Everything went smoothly, even though my bobbin ran out in the middle of one leaf set. Since I now know how to back up, I fixed the situation and finished the patterns with no problem.

Then, I went to put the other images on my USB stick. That’s when I discovered that I had not purchased one of the designs I planned to use on the wreath! Lucky for me they had extended the sale. Later in the evening I went and found that design (and three others because making a purchase for 39 cents seemed ridiculous). Now, I have all the designs I need for the wreath, plus a few extras.

During the afternoon, I rushed out to thoroughly pick the last of the crops because we are definitely supposed to have our first frost tonight. I also picked a few flowers that had just started blooming so that we could enjoy them. This year has been a decent year for produce but not stellar. I think that is because I planted almost everything extremely late. This was due to our lack of understanding about how to plant with cover crops still in the bed. Now we know more so next year I can plant at the proper time. Sadly, the tomatoes are probably going to get killed tonight. They were starting to produce nicely in the cooler weather.

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