Today wasn’t a very creatively filled day. I did get my patterns for my fall wreath on my thumb drive but that is all I had time for. I put away the Halloween decorations, except the wreath that I’ll be changing out, and then did some housework.

The afternoon and evening I spent at work. I did get some things pulled together to make it easier for the newbies, as well as those that don’t work fulfillment regularly. During the holidays it sometimes becomes a free-for-all with people from all different departments stepping in to help get things completed in a timely fashion. I’m also working on pairing all our RFIDs with the Zebras. This means they’ll be able to locate certain items easily because the RFID works like a homing pigeon and will help you find the exact item you are looking for. It is a lifesaver in the clothing areas. During the holidays they can be almost anywhere in a department and even in the backroom waiting to come out on the floor. Anyway, I’m trying to be proactive and get things in place before it gets crazy busy.

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