I had a lot of fun today. I spent several hours creating pieces for my fall wreath. I now have a scarecrow, cornucopia, and some ears of corn to go on it.

I didn’t realize before I purchased the machine that a lot of time goes into organizing threads and stitch order (especially on the free designs, it is not always good). I don’t have an unlimited supply of thread from all of the different thread companies so there is a good deal of substituting and making do involved. Once I decide for sure what brand of thread (or brands) I want to use I’ll start slowly building my stash until I have all the colors I need. I did have a little problem with the machine but nothing that wasn’t easily fixed. Also, I found some wooden leaves I had purchased some time ago and put away (and forgot about). I’ll be adding them, as well.

Of course, I did my usual Monday purchase of embroidery designs. I am slowing down now, as I have a lot of really amazing designs, most of which I haven’t stitched out. However, I’ll continue to download the free designs and pick up a few from the other sites, as I just can’t pass up a beautiful design or two for $1.39.

In the evening I spent a long time working on my cross-stitch project. I didn’t get it photographed before I started November’s work so the pictures will have October plus one evening’s work. It was a big evening, though. I spent at least two hours working on it and completed a large leaf and a fair-sized area of background color. I’m just about to start work on my favorite section of the pattern (so far).

I have decided to slow down a bit on this project because I am enjoying the embroidery machine so much. I also see a golden opportunity for me to make some “pin” money from the machine. Hopefully enough to, at the very least, pay for the materials I buy. My dream is to stop my retail work and have enough business from my embroidery machine (and eventually designs I create) to replace the income from my job (or at least most of it).

If I can learn to digitize designs I would have a residual income from them. Create it once and let people download it for forever (more or less). It is going to be an investment if I go that route as the software is not inexpensive. I need to do more exploration into what skills are needed and how you go about getting our designs on some of the design sites. I know better than to think I can drive enough business to my site to keep me going. That is definitely a needle in a haystack proposition. It would be better and less of a hassle to let someone else do the selling for me. Then I can concentrate on creating. Anyway, it is just a dream at the moment. I need to do some studying on its viability before I try to make it a reality.

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