This morning, I got stuff ready for running errands and then going directly to the knitting group. I am starting two new knitting projects and needed to make gauge swatches for them.

I spent the afternoon in town. I had several errands to run, one of which was to JoAnns to pick up some thread. They had a 50% off sale going. I picked up what I need to finish the fall wreath. Then at the end of the afternoon, I had a dental appointment. I found out my suspicions were correct. I have a tooth that, at the very least, needs a crown. I didn’t realize that it had decay in an area I couldn’t easily see. Anyway, it is what it is.

In the evening I worked on the two gauge swatches. Somehow, when I work with very small needles (these were 1 and a little bigger) my gauge stays the same no matter what size needle I use! This happened with the last pair of socks I made and Bonnie and I decided to go ahead and use the needles that the pattern called for. The socks turned out great. So, I’m going to use the same size needles this time.

The second swatch was a different challenge. The pattern calls for fingering weight yarn and I have DK. It is a fairly lacy pattern. This means I have to find the right size needles to create the laciness that the original pattern has. I only had time to try one size needle and it wasn’t big enough to give the right effect. I’ll try and find the right size needles before next week. Then Bonnie can help me figure out how many repeats of the pattern I need to do to get the proper size tunic.

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