My husband wanted to have a heart to heart discussion this morning. He wanted to talk about where we are headed and how we want to proceed from here. It took up a good portion of the morning but was very needed as we’ve been feeling a bit fragmented lately.

I started to color coordinate the next set of embroidery designs. I had problems with both of them. On one they had left out one step and on the other they had some of the colors in the wrong order, plus the colors they called for in the instructions were nothing like the picture. I had to do a lot of matching to get it close enough to stitch. I didn’t have one color at all because of the snafu. Hopefully, the color I chose will go well with the rest of the design.

I didn’t actually stitch anything at this time because the weather is wonderful and I have a deck full of plants I didn’t get in the ground this Spring. I knew exactly where I wanted to put several of them so I started there.

After I finished the first set we came in and fixed a nice homemade pizza lunch. I was back outside as soon as that was finished. I got all but two small plants taken care of. One needs to be in the shade and I was working on a sun garden. The other is some bulbs and I’m not sure where I want to put them.

I came in just in time for the news. In the evening we started back into reading the orchard book. Then I started work on the embroidery designs for fall.

The first design worked out great. It is a very cute squirrel. It was extremely dense, though. I should have used two layers of stabilizer. I’ll know better next time. The second design was a garland. It is for the small wreath I have in my studio. Unfortunately, something went askew. It did the first three leaves and then just started sewing in one place. I stopped it, clicked on the broken thread icon, rethreaded the machine and tried again. It gave me an error message, something to the effect of you need to recalibrate the design. I don’t remember the exact words. When I tried several times to start the design it wasn’t coming out in the same place as the original design. I finally gave up, as it was getting very late and I was tired. I decided to just start over with a new piece of felt in the morning and see how it goes.

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