I had a one-track mind this morning and that was to finish embroidering the pieces for my Fall wreath. It was a much bigger task than I had anticipated. The designs I chose had many color changes and the digitizing wasn’t all that great. I tried, as best as I could for my own lack of experience, to group areas of the same color together so that I minimized thread changes. It still took a considerable amount of time to finish the three designs.

One thing I’m starting to notice is the differences in the quality of the designs. Several of the places I order are conglomerates. It looks like almost anybody can put up designs if they want to. As I’m stitching the designs I am making notes on which are good and which aren’t. Today I stitched two designs that were not nearly as refined as most that I’ve used. They were both by the same design company. The third I stitched was markedly more refined. When I checked it was by another company. As time goes on and I’ve tried several designs by the various companies I’ll know which to purchase and which to avoid.

In the afternoon I worked out in the garden and got the last of the small plants in the ground. We’re coming up on some severely cold weather (in the 20s F). The plants that were in 4” pots wouldn’t make it through that kind of cold. I’m considering putting the last of the plants in pots in the greenhouse on the upcoming cold nights because I don’t want to lose them. I have less than a dozen plants left to find homes for. That is a good feeling. Next year I’m not going to buy a large number of plants at once and I’m only going to buy plants that I know I have a home ready for. This is much colder weather than we usually have at this time of year. These temperatures don’t usually show up for another month or so.

I finished one piece of embroidery in the morning so when I came in I still had two to go. Once I had rested a little I was in my studio hard at work. It took me until mid-evening to finish up. Then, while we watched a little TV, I cut out the pieces I had sewn.  By the time 10 PM showed up, I was totally ready to go to bed.

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