I started a whole house reorganization today. After reworking my studio I realized that much of the house needs attention. I started small with my area in the family room. I do a lot of handwork there and there were bits of thread, felt, fabric and such all over the place. I found a small basket that I can put all these little things in and then take them to the trash.

Then I moved on to the new office. When I moved the stuff in there I mostly just “threw” it wherever it would fit. Today I got the table where I have my computer and printer all organized. I have a basket for mail and one for bills. I filed everything that could be filed and neatly placed the items I still need to do in the IN box. Luckily, I hadn’t missed any bills but I did find a small stack of receipts I hadn’t entered. I also took the time to record information on all the seeds I had used up this past season. That meant a stack of empty seed packets could go in the recycling.

It is definitely going to be a process but I feel that if I work on it a little most days we’ll see a big difference soon. It is always amazing to me how we continue to accumulate stuff and never get rid of any old stuff. Needless to say, I’m going to be “heartlessly” getting rid of a lot of old stuff in the near future. I’m at the point where I’m not even going to ask my husband because he always wants to keep things. It doesn’t matter if we haven’t used it or needed it in 20 years, he still wants to keep it.

After lunch, I headed out to the greenhouse. With the really cold weather coming we needed to make sure the auxiliary heat is working. I also filled the tub/water feature to help stabilize the temperature on cold nights. The water I put in was at almost 63˚F. That will help keep the heating costs down. Unfortunately, I didn’t discover that the plug I put in was leaking a tiny bit until I filled the tub. Now, I need to buy a different plug and somehow get it in place without losing all the water. That should be quite a show. Too bad you won’t be able to see it.

I then came in and did some more organizing and decluttering. It just has to happen. I have the energy and the urge so I’m going with it.

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