OK, I had a visit with the orthopedist today. They are not going to do surgery at this time. The main reason is that I have lost a good deal of my mobility in my finger. If they do surgery, it would mean another four weeks in a splint and I could lose all mobility.

He checked the finger to see if the broken piece is tracking with the joint. It is. That is good because it means the scar tissue that is forming is forming in such a way that there is a good possibility that I will be able to move my finger close to normal.

The plan, for now, is to do Occupational Therapy (OT). I have some exercises to do until I can get that set up. It will be active range-of-motion (ROM) only. This means that I do all the moving, no-one is going to move the joint for me. This will protect the healing that is going on and still work on getting my finger’s mobility back. I plan to be a model patient because I want to have near-normal use of my hand again.

One sad note, I thought I might have hurt two of my other fingers because he had me doing some flexibility exercises for them and it was hurting a lot. Come to find out I have arthritis in those two fingers and the fall caused a major flareup. I will be doing research into ways to reverse the dis-ease, as I believe everything can be healed. It is just a matter of giving the body what it needs to do the job. I feel this is especially true with degenerative diseases, like arthritis.

We have been working on better nutrition after we found out that most fresh produce has almost no nutrition in it anymore (even organic). I think we need to do a little tweaking to make sure we’re getting enough of everything. I also plan to do major organ cleanses come the first of the year. Just like clogged fuel injectors, if the organs are clogged things don’t work right and then you get dis-ease.

This whole experience has been a learning process that I will share in blogs once typing is easier. I am going to try and do more journal entries from this point on. I’m hoping to be back to daily writing early in the new year, once I’m OK’d to type with my pinky.

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