I’m trying to get back into more of a schedule. I was up and getting ready for the day by 8:15 a.m. However, it took me nearly an hour just to shower and do personal care stuff. Phew, having a broken finger really makes getting things done takes a long time. I can usually finish everything in less than half an hour (I’m not a beauty diva, but I do like to look well cared for).

I made sure I paid attention to the time and made some brown rice for lunch. Lately, we’ve not been starting lunch before we are both ravenous. Then we just munch whatever we can grab quick. With the healing that needs to happen, I’m trying to be conscientious about eating a very healthy diet. The body needs the building blocks to create a good functioning finger.

In the afternoon I finally started making an attempt to be creative again. I managed to cross-stitch one length of floss. I was so excited to actually be doing something creative again. It was a very small section, but it was a beginning!

Unfortunately, I worked my fingers a little too hard today. I did my exercises three times and my fingers didn’t like it very much. They swelled up as bad as when I had the accident. So, I’ll have to pull back tomorrow and not work them as much or as intensely.

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