Things are starting to look up a bit. I did a bunch of research on the Internet looking for information on reversing arthritis and found some interesting articles. My hubby went out to run errands and got me a bunch of supplements. Since starting them a couple days ago, the swelling in the two fingers has gone down quite a bit. This is encouraging. I still have a long way to go but these are the first things I’ve tried that have shown lasting results. Once I’ve used them a little longer I’ll know if they are going to be a major player in my healing and I’ll share what I’m doing as I know a lot of crafters and artists develop arthritis as they get up in years, usually due to overuse or repetitive motion. If I can help anyone have less of a problem or a complete cure it will really make my day.

Also, I am getting back into machine embroidery and have embroidered all the snowmen for my snowman wreath over the past couple of days. It was surprising to me how tired I got just watching the embroidery machine. My stamina has really taken a hit.

The big trial will be cutting them out as I haven’t been able to cut anything heavier than paper with small scissors so far. Keep your fingers crossed. I’m feeling I’m almost ready to start on Christmas gifts. Thank goodness my family is understanding about them coming late. Even if I wasn’t making them I still don’t have any desire to do anything in public where my pinky could get bumped or hurt in some way.

I managed to get the seeds, that were in a big pile on a piece of plastic in the family room, harvested. I had just pulled up the plants and laid them on the plastic to finish drying, then broke my finger shortly after doing so.

I’ll finish up the last of the decorations tomorrow, now that I can get to the fireplace. It’s not going to be a fancy holiday but at least it won’t be a messy one.

As you can see from the length of this post I’m feeling better and that’s the best Christmas present I could have.

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