Finally, I started to stitch out all the designs I have. It is an undertaking because I’ve gotten tons of designs, many of them free or for very low cost, so I need to know if they are any good. I bought black and white felt to stitch them out on. I’ll use black for light-colored designs and white for dark-colored designs, that way they’ll pop better.

It took me a while to get all set up. Once I had everything set I decided to start with all the tiny designs, 2” or less. I’m going to try and do at least three a day. I started with the floral designs as I think I will use them quite a bit. Unfortunately, two of the three are not usable. The stitch quality is inferior to what I want to use. The third, though, is charming. It called for green flowers, which I thought would look kinda funky, but when I stitched it out on black it is so cute and something I would use. Of course, I can change the colors as needed. I have a pretty good eye for that sort of thing.

This was my favorite from today’s stitching.

Other than that I am still organizing a huge set of designs I bought just before the end of the year. A designer had their designs at .99 so I sort of went crazy. They are a designer that I’ve liked their stitch quality in the past and they have a lot of designs for gardening and dogs, the two areas I’m focusing on.

So, I’m off to a reasonable start to the new year. I need to add time developing the businesses and not just doing the fun stuff, but I’ll get into a rhythm soon enough.

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