It is amazing to me how time-consuming having an injured body part can be. Between exercises, care, nutritional supplements and the fact that everything has to be done with one hand I rarely get it together before 11 AM. I’m going to really stick with it though as I want the best outcome possible.

I did manage to complete five small embroideries today. Three of them are a set that you can combine together to make different edgings and borders. Of the five four of them are usable. The fifth one has some problems with the border satin stitch not matching along one section. It matched everywhere else, so I’m assuming it is a digitizing problem and not the stabilizer.

This one turned out especially nice. Very clean edges. I’ll definitely find a place to use it, although I will probably change the color combination. It’s a bit out there for me.

Other than that I only managed a nap in the afternoon and a few small household things that needed attention. I need to schedule at least a half-hour a day for cross-stitching because the therapist thinks it will be good for my fingers to do fine motor movements. I also still need to see if I can knit. I’m having a hard time finding something simple enough to try that I also want to make. I don’t want to knit something useless or even useful but not needed right now like dishcloths.

Anyway, tomorrow and Sunday are workdays so I probably won’t get any embroidery done. I have one more weekend after this and then two weekends off. I’m getting ready to really pour gas on the flames and try to get a ton done while also doing a much needed rejuvenating program.

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