My day started with OT. The therapist thinks my finger is doing pretty well. She was pleasantly surprised with the strength of my finger on a couple of the exercises, but continues to be concerned about its lack of knuckle motion. I see the doc next week. Hopefully, he’ll OK some passive range of motion (PROM). Keep your fingers crossed.

Fun and funky.

On the way home, I picked up a skein of yarn to use with some eyelash yarn I have. I’m going to make a funky, 70s type steering wheel cover for our Prius. I need a super simple knitting project that I can work on to get my fingers going again. This is only ten stitches wide and garter stitch. That’s about as easy as I could find.

I went to the knitting group in the evening. I managed to cast on the ten stitches and complete about ten rows before my hand and fingers told me to stop. I spent the rest of the evening chatting and enjoying the company of my fellow knitters.

Here’s a link to the pattern for the steering wheel cover.

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