Oops! I missed a few days, sorry. Saturday and Sunday were work days so nothing much to say there. The others, well, too far in the past to recall. Onward and upward.

I went to the orthopedist today. He wasn’t impressed or unimpressed. He did feel the healing is far enough along to start phase two, range-of-motion and strengthening. So, the next six weeks are going to be filled with my own mini torture chamber. I worked in a physical therapy office before and I know it’s not going to be any fun. I have my willow bark, ice pack, and re-heatable hand warmers ready to help out.

It is scary having my finger out of the splint when around the house but I have to start getting back to normal. I will be starting back into knitting, crocheting, embroidery, and crafts. It will be a long slow process but I have very simple projects in mind and will start with just a few minutes a day.

Today was also the beginning of a three-week rejuvenation vacation. I’m not only having a long break so my finger can heal in a relaxed and stress-free environment but I’m going to be doing some long-needed cleanses and rejuvenation diet. Time for a system overhaul.

So, a new year is upon us and a new me is in the making. I hope you have some fun, self-supporting, and creative plans, too. If so, feel free to share them here (and on the forums when I get them completed, which is one of the projects for these three weeks).

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