Today was kinda fun. We’ve been looking at an embroidery digitizing class and finally got one program working. We have a Mac and all but one program for digitizing is for PC. The one for Mac doesn’t have a fully functioning demo and I have to have one for the class. So, my wonderful husband has been finding ways to run Windows-based programs on the Mac without having to partition the machine. He found an app call Wine and it will do it but requires some ability to work with Terminal. So, yesterday we finally got one of the programs working (not the one I need for the class but at least it’s a start).

Then we wanted to see how hard it was going to be to use. We watched an intro video and it looks like, once you know what all the little icons are for, it is going to be very straight forward and fun. Not only that I really enjoyed the teacher. She is a little quirky in the same way I am, so I could really relate to her.

After that, I spent a little time stitching out a couple more designs. I spent a short time starting a new yoga practice. I’m going to start off slowly. Then, I was off to the knitting group. I managed to knit about ten rows before my hand asked me to stop. That is ten more rows that I had done and I enjoyed chatting with the others while the continued work on their projects.

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