A nice, long meditation started that day again. Not as long as yesterday because one of the reminder alarms I set, so I won’t miss taking my supplements, went off near the end. It was still good.

I spent the morning and early afternoon stitching a few more designs. Then I took the time to photograph what I have completed. It seems the designs stitched on light-colored felt photograph best in bright indirect light. The ones on black have to be photographed in shade or the black gets blown out. That didn’t make any sense to me. I’ll be glad when I can get some real photo equipment…

In the late afternoon, instead of yoga or a walk, my husband and I went out into the lightly wooded area of our property and picked up all the debris that had blown around in there, making it rather an eyesore. We had some stuff stored in plastic bags and they had disintegrated during the summer. It was all over the place from all the high winds we’ve had lately. Boy, does it look better. It also gave me some fresh air and exercise.

I was pretty tired when I came in. I decided to take the time to edit and put copies of all the photographs I’d taken into the file on the embroidery designs. I want to be able to look at a real picture of the stitched product. This will remind me of whether I want to use that design or not. I have a number that didn’t stitch all that well and several that had so many threads to clips that they are unrealistic to use, except for myself. Clipping threads takes quite a bit of time and these small designs won’t bring enough money to be spending 20 to 30 minutes clipping threads. One of them was for my dog accessory business, too, drat.

In the evening, I only had the energy to watch TV but at least I didn’t take a nap. Not that I’m forcing myself to stay up. I’m trying to distract myself when I feel sleepy and see if I can keep going. If I still feel sleepy, I’ll take a nap.

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