Good news today! I had my assessment with my new OT and she thinks I’ll get most of the function of my hand back. I’m elated. She did tell me to stop trying to use my right hand so much. As she sees that I’m ready for certain things, she’ll let me know. For right now I’m back to no chopping, cutting or using scissors. Also, she was appalled that the doctor said I could lift 5 to 10 pounds and told me not to lift anything over around a pound. I really like her and feel that we will be able to work well together. It will take some hard work on my part but I’m highly motivated.

Other than that I ended up running around on errands most of the afternoon. Then I was pretty tired in the evening. I think part of it was the emotional release of all the anxiety I had around how my hand was doing and partly because it still takes a lot of energy to get through the day without my dominant hand.

I had planned to cut out my jammy bottoms but ended up curled up watching TV and then listening to music. We went to bed a little early and did some reading in what we call our “bedtime story” time together. One of us reads a book out loud, usually until the other one falls asleep. We’ve read everything from children’s classics to historic works to sci-fi. I think the most fun book we’ve ever read has been Bill Bryson’s “A Walk in the Woods.” We laughed so much we sometimes couldn’t go to sleep and would have to read more until we felt sleepy again.

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