I’m back! I’m hoping this time I’ll be able to keep the momentum. Actually, I was keeping momentum but in a different way. I had the opportunity to take an online embroidery digitizing class and gave every available minute I could manage to work on the class.

This is a really fun and informative class put on by John Deer. He’s been in the business ever since he was in his teens and has gone from hand punching to using the latest and greatest computer software. His knowledge is amazing and I learned a ton. If you have any interest in this I would highly recommend taking the class. It is called the Virtual Digitizers Dream Workshop.

I really enjoyed the fact that the class had three live webinars and then online videos that had your coursework for the week. It is a somewhat self-paced course, which is really good because, since my right hand is not fully healed, I have not completed it yet. I can only digitize about one to two hours a day right now, so I’m starting into the last of the projects this week.

He is planning another workshop in about three months time so if you’re interested I’d visit their site, The Deer’s Embroidery Legacy, and get on their email list. Also, join their Facebook page.

In the live webinars, John covers some info about what is coming up in the next week but the majority of the time is spent answering attendees’ questions. This was great as we all got our questions answered and everyone got to hear the answers (the videos were available after the live webinar for those who couldn’t attend live). Also, for those questions that came up during the week, there was a special Facebook page just for the attendees where we could ask questions and share our progress with each other. All of this will be available for three months after the workshop ended so we can continue to ask questions and share with each other for some time.

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