Well, it seems I managed to miss last week. It was quite a week. I’m realizing that I need to keep notes on everything I do in a week because I know I did a lot last week but now I can’t remember most of it, ugh.

In the Garden

I can start with today. I worked outside from 8:30 a.m. until after 2:00 p.m. on one of the entry gardens. I couldn’t believe that in one Winter it could get so choked with weeds. Of course, I’m still way behind on cleaning and planting all of the gardens. I’m doing as much as my hand will tolerate, which means slow going. Even today, I was ready to go inside after about two hours, but I had to get the garden cleaned and planted because we’re supposed to have two or three days of heavy rain. I knew if the vinca were in their little four-packs through that I would have nothing but a moldy mess to deal with when it cleared up enough to plant them. So, I pushed myself and got the whole garden cleaned out, planted, and grass clippings put on it to keep the weeds down (keeping my fingers crossed that it works).

Advancing Digitizing

Over the weekend I did a major stitch-out of the files from the courses I’m taking. I’m now all caught up on both digitizing and stitching what I’ve digitized. I even did such a good job on one of the designs that it took my husband several minutes to guess which one I’d done. He guessed right, but at least he had to think about it. The last time I asked he knew immediately which one was mine, so I’m getting better. I’m on the last set of instructions, with five designs in it, before I have to do one on my own. Then, I send it in for evaluation. Hopefully, I’ll receive my certificate for Level 1 soon.

Final project from webinar I took. It says Embroidery Legacy the proof is in the stitching.
Final project for the webinar I took.

Have Your Bread and Keep It Fresh

I’ve almost completed the bread box. It is coming out quite cute. I’ll post a picture of it in the Gallery when it’s done. I didn’t really want to paint it but my husband asked. Once he told me he was just going to sponge paint it in the original colors of matching dusty rose, I knew I had to do it. The kitchen is a sunny yellow and my dishes look like they are from Mexico (yellow, red, green, and cobalt blue). I can’t imagine how the dusty rose-colored box would have fit in! I’ve tried to mimic the colors of the clay butter dish I made at a local art school’s Taste of Art class. It has two tones of yellow with a little spattering of dark brown. I love it and it looks nice in the kitchen, so now I have a giant “butter” dish looking bread box (it really does look like a giant butter dish cover). I just need to paint the trim, seal it, and it will be ready to go.

Buried Under a Sea of Strawberries

I was going to do that today but we are drowning in strawberries right now and I promised my husband I’d make shortcake. Cutting all the strawberries and making the cake was quite an undertaking. By the time I had that all done, it was past my bedtime. Of course, I’m writing this after having consumed enough strawberry shortcake for a small army and not being able to go to bed because of an overstuffed tummy (ooooh, was it delicious).

Moving to a New Home (not me)

Let’s see what else did I do last week. Oh, I got all the tomato and pepper plants into 3 and 4-inch pots. Then the weather started to turn very hot and I had to move all the plants out of the greenhouse or chance baking them. The larger plants went out under the trees in the wooded area of the property. As they acclimate I’ll move them into more and more direct sun, especially the citrus trees. The annuals and some of the smaller plants are on the deck. There they’ll get some morning sun, but be protected from baking in the sun or getting waterlogged when it rains (like it is right now).

Hmm, I’m getting pretty tired so I think I’ll finish this up in the morning and get it posted. Don’t want to miss another week!

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