Getting close to the end of May. Sadly I still don’t have the summer vegetable gardens planted. May went something like this – hotter than Hades, colder than Billy Blue, then raining cats and dogs. I managed to get a good portion of the plants I bought in the ground but I still have around a dozen of them to get into homes. It has been a weird Spring. We’ve had temperatures near 90. Then within a few days we had the latest frost we’ve ever had in the area, May 10th. All that Mother Nature has thrown at us coupled with my hand being only about 50% means much of the Spring work is still waiting to be attended to. I just have to acknowledge it is what it is and do what I can. Everything else will just have to be done when it becomes an emergency (like yesterday’s giant weed pulling).

It is amazing that a whole week can go by and I look back and say, “What did I do with a whole week?” I did make a free standing lace (FSL) embroidery gift for the administrative assistant at the OT clinic. I have managed to work out in the garden a few times but with over 7” of rain last week it was very intermittent and the rain has helped the weeds to grow by leaps and bounds (so have my other plants but I want that).

I started knitting again and spent quite some time working on the steering wheel cover. I only have about four inches left to go and it will be ready to put it on. I started this project while my hand was still very compromised. It was a way to try to do something I really enjoy. However, it wasn’t very successful at that point. Now, I’m back at it and zooming along. My hand is getting much better. If I could only make a real fist I’d be happy. The OT says she thinks it will come over the coming months as I continue to do my home therapy. There just wasn’t any reason to continue going to the clinic, as I had learned everything I needed there and progressed far enough that she felt I could do it on my own now. I agree with her. The last week seemed like I was just marking time. So, I have a comprehensive home program and will stick to it as diligently as I can for the next six months, at least. My pinky hasn’t really activated, yet, and I’m hoping that continued stimulus will get it going better. My OT thinks it will eventually happen. I saw some really cute headbands and scrunchies that I could knit or crochet (haven’t tried crocheting, yet) to do as some more easy projects. Hopefully, by fall I’ll feel like tackling something a little more challenging.

Amazingly I didn’t get the breadbox finished. I will very soon as we have three days of non-stop rain coming up again. I’ll have no excuse then. It is totally ready for me to put on the coats of polyurethane but for some strange reason I just never did it. 

I did successfully stitch out a design on a t-shirt. I think I’ve found the type of stabilizer I want to use. It is an iron-on cutaway. I tried this shirt without the water-soluble on the top and didn’t like the look at all. The stitches sunk into the fabric way more than I would have liked. So, will float some water-soluble stabilizer on the top from now on.

Adorable white squirrel is visiting our garden daily.
Hope the strawberry doesn’t stain his coat.

We have one new very cool garden visitor right now, a white squirrel. We’ve seen it daily for the past week. So cute! I’m a little concerned because the dog next door, sweet Bella, is notorious for killing and eating small critters. That is her one terrible vice that I wish I could break her of, but she’s not my dog, just my pal. So, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the squirrel always outruns her. I’d be heartbroken if she killed it.

As I mentioned I did a major giant weed patrol yesterday. I had a crop of thistly weeds growing along the greenhouse that were at least three feet tall. They are all gone and I’ve decided to plant some sunflowers in there this summer. Then in the fall we can do whatever it is we’re going to do to the foundation of the greenhouse to repair it. 

I cleaned out the major weeds and topped the sorrel and salad burnet in the herb garden. Well, if you can call it that. It has turned into mostly a sorrel garden right now. I need to clean out all the excess sorrel so that I can plant some other herbs in there. I accidentally let it go to seed a couple years ago and boy was that a mistake. It is a beautiful red-veined sorrel but fifty of them is about forty-nine too many!

I’m going to start making a list of what I want to get done and what I actually get done. I need to see where I’m spending my time. I only have about three weeks before I will be finished with my current situation and I want to be more in control of my time and daily accomplishments by then.

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