I’m wanting to get on a regular schedule of doing my journal entry on Tuesday but the weather was so nice and cool that I spent the entire day, both Monday and Tuesday, out in the garden. I was so exhausted by the time I stopped yesterday it was all I could do to come in and take a shower. The rest of the day and evening were spent in quiet projects. I didn’t try to use my brain or right hand too much, lol.

In the Garden

Since my last entry, I’ve accomplished a lot in the garden. It is still very slow work because my hand can only take so much and is quite uncoordinated so digging and such takes about twice as long as it used to. That’s OK, at least I’m seeing progress.

I did some mowing, weed whacking, and a lot of weeding. My husband, Sarvasri, mowed the neighbor’s 3-acre lot and gathered grass so that I could mulch some of what I’d done. I’ve been working from the front of the property toward the house and then I’ll move to the back gardens. I re-cleaned one garden and put a thick layer of mulch on it. Then I expanded four gardens and heavily mulched them. Some of the shrubs I’ve planted I just dug out a hole big enough for them to fit. This year, I’m expanding those gardens and working toward the final size I plan for them. However, I’m not doing anything unless I have mulch to cover the area afterward because the weeds here are relentless and, because of the kind of weather we have here, grow like, well, weeds!

Keeping Bread Safe

I finished up the polyurethane on the breadbox last night. It now needs to dry thoroughly. Once that is complete, my husband needs to find a bolt the right size to fit the handle I bought, and then we can add the final touch. I sure hope it works as, with the hotter more humid weather, the bread is molding at record speed.

Level 1 Complete – Starting Certification

I finished Level 1 of the Dream Digitizers Course and am currently working on the Certification Project. I was elated that I was able to path the outline of the artwork without having to refer to the included stitch file. Much of the path was really easy to figure out but I ran into a problem in one small area. All in all, it took me about two hours to work out the entire path, most of which was spent on one 1-inch area. 

The idea was we are supposed to do what is called Redwork pathing. That means exactly two passes of thread over every single area of outline. I ran into one area that I just couldn’t seem to do just two passes. I either ended up with one or three. Finally, I told myself to think differently. I was repeatedly unable to see any other way to path the stitches. Then, after I started thinking more outside the box, it came to me and was as simple as could be. I immediately did the pathing in the program and saved it so that I wouldn’t forget what I’d just figure out. Now, I need to digitize the filling. I don’t think that is going to be much of a problem, as he gave us artistic license to do that.

Pinky Update

I ended last week with a visit to the doctor. It was rather uneventful, which I should be happy about, but I just feel that I’m getting brushed aside because I’m Worker’s Comp. The doctor didn’t even know that I had been discharged from OT. It was obvious that, after not seeing me since mid-March, he had not even bothered to look at my records at all before he saw me. That is just plain aggravating. At least he did not discharge me and he did not prescribe work hardening. He’s giving me another three months to get my pinky going. I’m going to work very hard and get pinky to activate before then. I just want the tip of my pinky to work better. It is a long shot but I’ve seen miracles before, so I’ll keep doing my part to make one happen.

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