In the Garden

Ha! I’m early. It’s Monday and I’m writing my journal entry. This was a pretty productive week, especially in the garden. I finally finished planting all the plants I bought this Spring. I finished that just in time for the weekend. It is great to have the garden wagon free and available for new adventures. From what I can remember I planted: 1 tomato, 9 peppers, 8 kale, 15 gladioli in three different places, 3 dianthus, 2 carnations, and 4 dusty miller. Then I up potted a sedum seedling, a small variegated holly, and a spearmint I grew from seed. I also planted a pot with lettuce and parsley.

Sweet Endings

This week was also the last of the homegrown strawberries. I did them proud by making one last strawberry shortcake. I tried three different recipes this year. All of them were very tasty but I think I like the first one the best. The only reason the second one was outstanding was that it was chocolate. So, next year I’ll try the first recipe with chocolate in it and see if I can’t put the best of two worlds together. The best thing about them was the whipped coconut milk. It is an excellent substitute for whipped cream. It holds up in the fridge much better if you don’t use it all the first day.

Stitching Good Time

On the embroidery business side, I ordered a number of t-shirts to try out. I need to get one of each style of each brand of shirt and give them a try. I ordered about a dozen shirts this round. Amazingly I received them on Saturday. On Sunday my husband and I tried them on, I’m using our sizes to try them out, and I made note of how well they fit. Before I wash them I need to take some actual measurements so that I’ll know if they truly were pre-shrunk.

I’m continuing to work on my digitizing skills and am about halfway through the certification design. I thought I would get it finished but for some reason I didn’t get anything done after Wednesday this past week. Weekends are hard for doing much of anything but work, so I understand that but what happened to Thursday and Friday?! I need to keep better tabs on my schedule.

Finding Life Balance

Now that I’m not at therapy two days and week I’m finding I am wanting to get things around the house cleaned and organized. I started working on our “guest” room, which had become a catchall. The first thing I did was to set up the computer area better. I didn’t even have space to write or put something I needed to see while I was using the computer. Now I have a much better setup, although not ideal. It will work until I completely redo the room. It is one of the rooms that had not been completed in our remodel. Once I get everything that has just been tossed in there organized, my husband and I will redo the closet area. Once that is done everything that belongs in the closet can go back in and I can then work on the walls, which is all that is left to be done. The carpet was replaced when we did the initial remodel. I’m excited about getting the room useable. It is going to be my office and digitizing space, as well as a nice space for any visitors we might have.

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